Scholars Asia is a company devoted to providing premium education and enrichment programs for exceptional learners.  Scholars Asia is based in Singapore and our technology enrichment programs are open to students in the region through our growing list of partners.

At Scholars Asia, our aim is to help students maximise their untapped potential so they can be at the forefront of the next wave of learning and creativity.  We provide premium education, enrichment, mentoring and tutoring to exceptional students who are destined to be tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs.  Our focus is in kindling that intellectual spark inherent in all students to enable them to achieve their potential with programs that enhance and complement normal academic curricula.  

Our management team has an average of 20 years experience in international education and an intimate knowledge of the needs of international students in the present highly competitive education landscape.  Our Computer Animation, Game Design, and Coding courses are designed for 12-16 year old students to introduce them to to future high growth areas and give them the head start they need to stay ahead of the pack.  As the world becomes smaller - and more competitive - knowledge in these areas is no longer optional, it is essential.  

Our technology enrichment programs are project-based and students produce a finished product at the end.  No robots, no playing with building blocks, practical education is the focus.  All of our programs are designed for international school students with an emphasis on application rather than theory, allowing students to apply these skills in other areas of a holistic education.

Have a look at our current programs available in the links above or email us at with a request for more specific information.  We presently have programs planned over the October term break kindly hosted by Gems World Academy in Singapore.