“Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.” 

-  Bill Gates

Computer Coding: 101 

This course will introduce students to the basics and fundamentals of computer coding through both theory and practical projects. This program is appropriate for students aged 12 to 16 with limited backgrounds in coding.  Students will learn the following core coding skills using the Python coding language:

1.     Duck Typing vs. Strong Typing

2.     Object Oriented vs. Functional Programming Languages/Styles

3.     Intelligent Commenting

4.     Dealing with Data: Lists, Matrices, Dictionaries, Dataframes

5.     Randomization and Decision Tree Creation

6.     Code Debugging and Refactoring

7.     How to Create Text-Based Games (Final Projects)


Module number and Content

1.    Basic Concepts: Algorithms, Python Features, & Performing Simple Tasks

2.   Basic Concepts: Conditionals and Loops

3.   Basic Concepts: Mini Project One - Write a Basic Fake AI that Asks and Responds to Text Questions

4.   Data structures: Lists and Matrices

5.   Data Structures: Dictionaries and Dataframes

6.   Data Structures: Mini Project Two - Create Data Structures and a Set of Instructions to Find a Secret Message

7.    Other Core Concepts: Randomization and Decision Tree

8.   Other Core Concepts: Functions and Modules

9.   Other Core Concepts: Mini Project Three - Create Single-Function Modules Using Common Names and Parameters

10.  Final Project: Discuss and Plan Final Project (group work)

11 .  Final Project: Work on Final Project (with individual guidance)

12.  Final Project: Presentation and Final Project with Critiques and Testing


-         Students will be equipped with the skills to self-produce further projects. 

-         Students will need a laptop computer and will be provided with the software required. 

-         Class size will be kept small and the instruction is largely hands-on and project based.

-         Cost: S$500 per student.

The course has 12 modules of one hour each that can be combined into two or three modules per session.

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