"Games shouldn't only be fun. They should teach or spark an interest in other things."

- Hideo Kojima

Computer Game Design: 101 

This course will train students on how to make a compelling, customized computer game.  This program is appropriate for students aged 12 to 16. Students will learn:

1.        The basics of computer game design

2.       Create and/or import sprites

3.       Learn to build simple games using the Gamemaker engine

4.       Basic coding and programming used in game design

The course has 12 modules of one hour each that can be combined into two or three modules per session.

Module Number Content

1      Introduction to Game Creation

2     Familiarizing GDevelop Interface

3     Conditions and Actions

4     Step-by-Step "Catch the Clown" Game Creation

5     Step-by-Step Shooter Game Creation

6     Planning First Develop Project

7     Game Creation I

8     Game Creation II

9     Adding Music and Special Effects

10    Debugging and Refining

11     Playtesting Final Project

12    Presentation and Critiques

-         Students will be equipped with the skills to self-produce further projects. 

-         Students will need a laptop computer and will be provided with the software required. 

-         Class size will be kept small and the instruction is largely hands-on and project based.

-         Cost: S$600 per student.